Sunday, February 23, 2014

February 2014 Update

Pets now plz

One of my personal goals for 2014 is to blog more often.  I'm setting the bar pretty low by shooting for once per month. Hope I can keep it up! List-style posts seem to work best for me at the moment. Here's what's happening in my neck of the woods:

- I've been asked to speak on a social media panel for the Cleveland chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. I teach a social media workshop for startups at my job, but this is the first time I've ventured beyond the office with such things. I'll be focusing on how and why to use Twitter.

- I'm trying to set aside a little time to sew on the weekends, even if it's just for 30 minutes. So far I've managed to keep up with the mending, and sew up a pair of new pajama pants out of a vintage sheet.

- Snooooow. So much. The good news is that a lot of it has melted over the last few days. We are certainly earning our Spring this year.

-  Next Sunday is my bestie's annual Oscar party! I was able to attend for the first time ever last year, and am happy to say that I'm attending again this year.  It's a really fun time, and there's lots of food (which I'm so on board with).

- There's one more super big thing going on in my life that I'm not ready to talk about, but hopefully all will be revealed soon.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!

My current favorite family photo.

Hiya.  Remember me? It's been a while, but I've recently realized that I miss writing in my little corner of the internet! My dad (!!!) has even been bugging me to add a new entry. 

2013 was a mix positives and negatives for me. Ultimately, I think the plusses outweighed the minuses. A couple of the minuses even led to plusses, or ended up being positive things in disguise.

I started a job that I love (this is where I work. I still hope to write a more detailed entry on what it is I do!) in February. This job has presented me with new challenges, and has helped me build more confidence in myself. It has its frustrating moments, but what job doesn't? I get to work beside some really wonderful and creative people, and am lucky enough to call many of them my friends. 

I turned 32 in May. Kept things very low key, just the way I like my birthdays. Ed gave me a freestanding full-length mirror, something I've wanted for a very long time but would never buy for myself. I use it every day.

My grandma passed away at the end of May. She was 90 years old. I made it to the hospital in time to be there for her last hours. It's a strange feeling to be with someone as they leave this Earth, but I'm glad that I could see her one last time. I helped choose the clothes she would wear. My grandpa has trouble writing due to a stroke, and asked me to write out the checks to pay for her funeral. I probably seemed very stoic and all business to my family members, but that's just how I cope.

No big vacations this year, but Ed and I did take a driving trip up to Traverse City and Saugatuck for a few days in June. Both really lovely places, and not too far away! We will definitely go back.

Ed's employer let him go in September. At first I was worried and scared, but knew it would be a good thing.  He wasn't super happy in his job. After taking about a week to think it over, he decided to work on a new startup. I'm really excited about it, and it amazes me that I can even get excited about something like that now. I used to feel a lot more stressed out and worried and depressed and just ALL THE EMOTIONS. I've worked really hard to be more calm and flexible in the last couple of years, and it's paid off. My anxiety level is at an all time low. It's pretty awesome. 

So, there's an overview. I'm hoping to keep up my writing a little better than I have been. Wishing all of you a great year!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Currently on my cutting table

Yes, just my cutting table.  Nothing has made it to my sewing table for quite some time now.  But! I am hopeful. I'll find my balance soon.  The cutting table is better than, well, no table at all, right?

Because I'm always trying to learn more about fit, I picked up this Palmer/Pletsch pattern with built in alteration lines. I've cut out view B in the trusty blue fabric I use for making muslins, but plan to use this if the muslin turns out well:

Just some cotton from my collection, as usual. A closer look at the tiny print:

I remember buying this for some other top that never got made, but I don't remember where. Either JoAnn's or a quilt store, most likely.

One other neat sewing related thing I'm slowly working on; I'm taking Angela Wolf's Tailoring Ready to Wear class on Craftsy! I've always wanted to learn more about alterations, but it's a pretty hush-hush subject. I could never really find many books or anything. Tailors and sewists trying to protect their techniques, perhaps? Anyway, the class has been great. I can go at my own pace and watch the videos any time. I've made it through lesson 5.  A few things I already knew, but have also picked up some really great techniques that were new to me. The class is on sale right now for $24.99, so if you've ever been curious about altering clothing for yourself or your friends and family, you should definitely check it out!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dottie is 7!

What a nice day for a birthday.

Her special treat was a single glazed Munchkin from Dunkin Donuts. Yes, I told the person waiting on me why I was buying a single Munchkin. He didn't charge me :)

The Munchkin did not last long.


The weather was actually nice enough to go outside for frisbee time.  Look at that face!
It was pretty windy today, which explains the crazy ears.  

Overall, I think it was a pretty good birthday!

Monday, April 1, 2013

I'm really alive!

Just having a hard time getting back to my lil blog.  I'm tired and busy and finding it difficult to achieve a good balance. But, I like my job so much! I have a whole post in the works (read: I have snippets and sentence fragments in my head). In the meantime, some photos of recent happenings:

A JPII photo frame I found at a store called Bargain Warehouse.  My bestie's grandmother was a huge fan and would've loved this.

A Steelcase chair I spotted while thrifting with my parents a few weeks ago.  It was priced at $30, but a very nice store employee informed us that Mondays are Senior Discount Day.  My parents picked it up for me a few days later, and now it lives at my house.  Final price: $15

If I don't close the shower door all the way, Dottie slips in and licks the floor.  Gross but true.  She really hates water, so I suppose I could just turn the shower on.  She probably wouldn't try sneaking floor licks after that!

Pastravaganza!  Pasta is my favorite food.  Buca di Beppo is my kind of place.  Yes, I ordered baked ziti with a size of fettuccine alfredo.  Don't judge.

Finally, Dottie's happy car ride face.  We took this on the way to grandma's house for Easter lunch.