Monday, April 1, 2013

I'm really alive!

Just having a hard time getting back to my lil blog.  I'm tired and busy and finding it difficult to achieve a good balance. But, I like my job so much! I have a whole post in the works (read: I have snippets and sentence fragments in my head). In the meantime, some photos of recent happenings:

A JPII photo frame I found at a store called Bargain Warehouse.  My bestie's grandmother was a huge fan and would've loved this.

A Steelcase chair I spotted while thrifting with my parents a few weeks ago.  It was priced at $30, but a very nice store employee informed us that Mondays are Senior Discount Day.  My parents picked it up for me a few days later, and now it lives at my house.  Final price: $15

If I don't close the shower door all the way, Dottie slips in and licks the floor.  Gross but true.  She really hates water, so I suppose I could just turn the shower on.  She probably wouldn't try sneaking floor licks after that!

Pastravaganza!  Pasta is my favorite food.  Buca di Beppo is my kind of place.  Yes, I ordered baked ziti with a size of fettuccine alfredo.  Don't judge.

Finally, Dottie's happy car ride face.  We took this on the way to grandma's house for Easter lunch.

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