Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Play food in progress

Time for holiday sewing!

I have a goddaughter who looooves to pretend. She goes so far as to dump everything out of her mom's purse, put her own stuff inside, and pretend that it's her purse (Forgive her. She's only 2). I've seen a lot of felt play food around the internets, and it seemed like the perfect Christmas gift for Kenley. Here's what I've been working on so far:

Finished ravioli, strawberries in progress (they just need seeds and tops), and pizza in progress. The pepperoni are attached with velcro! I plan on making velcro mushrooms, too. I've never made any play food before, so I'm just sort of winging it. The pizza is just a series of circles sewn together with batting in the middle. The strawberries are from a pincushion pattern. Here's a better look at the ravioli:

They're 2" x 2" felt squares with 1" x 1" felt squares inside. Just sandwich the 1" squares inside the 2" squares, stitch, and trim with pinking shears. A zipper foot really comes in handy when stitching the pieces together.

I have plans for orange slices, cupcakes or cookies, and a felt grocery bag to carry everything in. I hope she has as much fun playing with the food as I have had making it!

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  1. Soooo cute, she will love it!

    And I pretty much had to relinquish my buttercup bag to her so she'd leave my purse alone.