Friday, February 26, 2010

Etsy Finds Friday

Last Friday, Lora from Eager Hands was kind enough to feature my Spring Sparrows Notes on her Five Things I Love Friday post (On a side note, I suspect that what I thought were sparrows are actually chickadees. Must remember to change that.). I thought I would return the kindness and spread it to a few other fellow Etsy sellers. I chose a green theme, firstly because it is my favorite color, and secondly, it reminds me that even though we have a crazy amount of snow right now, Spring will arrive at some point.

Cloth Napkins by eagerhands

Mod Flowered Mug by KickStandProductions

Green Tulips Signed Art Print by MariaHug

Small Pouf Pillow by marymarieknits

Green Felt Pinwheels Necklace by VerteAdelie


  1. thanks for including my shop! i love the color green. what a happy collection of etsy finds!
    have a blessed weekend,

  2. Thanks for including me! I love your finds. That necklace is awesome!

  3. Thanks, it's a pleasure to be included in a green selection (Verte Adélie means Green Adélie, by the way :-)).