Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dottie Outtakes

Alternative title: Goofy Pictures of my Dog. She sort of reminds me of Heckle and Jeckle in this one. Either that, or the victim of some very bad cosmetic surgery.

Her weird faces are usually caused by either a yawn or a sneeze. I really can't say which this is.

aaaand CRAZY EYES!

Heh...I has a corn. And laser eyes.

Itchy face.

This is probably my favorite Dottie outtake of all time. Ed snapped this photo after we took her on a walk at the local arboretum for the first time. She looooved it. As you can plainly see.


  1. The last one is just pretty perfect. I think it would be my desktop background.

  2. I like the one where she is attacking the camera. She HATES the flash.

  3. Very Nice, Indeed! I found you on Craft Map, btw. Enjoyed your site alot, especially nice photos.