Monday, August 30, 2010

Pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer

All finished!  I met my goal of 2 pillowcases.  These sewed up a lot faster than I thought they would.  ConKerr Cancer provides great instructions on their website.

A closer look at the fabric.  I tried to choose something an older child might enjoy, since it was mentioned that this group is often overlooked.  Ed thought this one looked kind of Bert and Erinie-esque. 

Retro kitchen stuff.  I am really hoping someone will like this one.  I would have gone crazy over this fabric as a pre-teen/teenager, but then again....I was an unusual child.  In an effort to try and use what I already have, all fabric was pulled from my stash.  There is still time to participate in this project for Craft Hope!  The deadline is September 15th.  Don't know how to sew?  You can take a pre-made pillowcase and embellish it with a crocheted edge, embroidery, freezer paper stenciling, whatever you can think of.  Just make it bright and cheerful.


  1. Thanks! I was really surprised by how easy they were. I might try to do a few more if I have time before the deadline.