Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holiday Sewing: Mother and Child Doll

I'm making this for Emmy, Kenley's baby sister.  I am LOVING how it is turning out!  It's basically going to be a very soft and simple doll, with a little front pocket for a smaller doll.  I saw a photo of something similar in one of my Christmas books from the 1970s, and thought, "hmm...I can probably figure this out".  So, I whipped up a pattern, and here we are.

 Here's the pocket.  The fabric was just begging to be used for this particular project.  As soon as I had my mind set on this doll, the super groovy blue and green print (from my fabric stash, of course) popped into my mind.  I'm thinking of putting a little jingle bell or something crinkly inside the smaller doll, but I may just leave it soft, squishy, and silent.  "Closed eyes with a smile" is my go-to face for the dolls I make.  I can't seem to embroider them with open eyes.  I always manage to make them look either wonky or creepy.  Is it bad that I sort of want to keep this for myself?  I can't deprive a 1 year old child of her Christmas gift.  I'll just have to make another one for myself.  

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