Monday, July 11, 2011

Shop Local: Week 2

Here are the local retailers I visited this week.  One curveball...I actually went to one that wasn't food related!

The Faithful Little Cupcake - Yes, again.  What!?  I like cupcakes. 

Hero House - a hole in the wall place that doesn't look like much but has awesome sub sandwiches.  Ed and I usually split either the turkey (Hot, not cold!  Never cold.), or the cheesesteak.

Nice As New Consignment - Finally, a local establishment that doesn't involve food!  I always seem to find something (including the dress I wore to a wedding over the weekend), and take my stuff here after I clean out my closets.  They do a pretty good job of sorting things by size and color, too, making it much easier to shop.

Tulipan - a Hungarian pastry shop with cases full of deliciousness.  My favorites?  The lemon cheesecake and the chocolate mousse squares.  They serve omelets and open faced sandwiches, too, but I haven't tried those yet.

Woo's Brews - Coffee shop that just opened up a few months ago.  It's sort of hidden in a tucked away place, and it closes pretty early, so this was my first visit.  The drinks were pretty good, and the atmosphere was also nice.

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