Thursday, July 21, 2011

Why I sell vintage on Etsy

One of my many finds, available for your buying pleasure in my shop!

I love kooky stuff.  I used to scour thrift stores, estate sales, and antique shops, and scoop up anything that caught my fancy.  I especially love things that are sewing related (of course), but never limited myself to just one category.  I was just a collector of 'things.'

Well, all of this collecting of 'things' has led to having too much stuff in a too small space.  I've really cut back on buying, and really really think about whether or not I truly love or need something before it comes home with me.  But, what to do with the too much stuff in the too small space?  I didn't want to just haul it all off to Goodwill without a thought.  I wanted these items to find new homes with people who appreciate old and kooky things as much as I do.  

Enter my Etsy shop!  I am confident that when I sell something, it's going to someone who really loves that item.  Otherwise, they wouldn't be buying it.  This was especially important to me when I decided to start paring down my collection of sewing patterns.  I started collecting when I was 10.  I'm 30 now.  There are quite a few, as you can imagine, but I knew that I'd never ever sew all of them up.  It makes me happy to know that each pattern is going to someone who will enjoy it.

With that, please take a look at my shop if you're in the market for something kooky.  I've just added quite a few new items, and plan to add more in the coming days!


  1. Once I'm back from my grandparents' house and life settles down, I really do need to check out your Etsy stuff. I recently inherited a TON of vintage sewing supplies (I'm talking like 112 zippers still in the packages!) and I could use some patterns!

  2. Well, I have plenty more to add, both vintage and modern day!

    I read about your recent sewing supply inheritance, how awesome! It's great to have so many zippers on hand, so you don't have to run out and buy one when you decide to make something on a whim. Plus, a lot of older zippers are metal, which I personally prefer to the new nylon ones. Whenever I see them at a thrift store for a quarter or under, I scoop them right up (which probably explains why I now have a whole drawer full, haha)!