Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's coming together!

Slowly but surely.  Our books have a new home, and have been liberated from their boxes!

I'm so happy with our new table and chairs.  We needed something small, and this cute round table from CB2 fit the bill.

 I love how everything matches the (impossible to drink out of) blue and white mug I've had for years.

Here's a view of our kitchen.  The previous occupants were kind enough to leave their pot and pan rack behind.  Please ignore the dirty dishes.

We still have a few boxes to unpack, it's true.  We sold/gave away/tossed a lot of things before we moved, but it sometimes feels like we didn't make much of a dent!


  1. People who have books are so worth knowing! Your kitchen is super KEWT! Wish I had one like it!