Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stop the presses...I finished a sewing project.

Oh, hi there.  You'll often find me casually leaning on bookshelves.  Can you tell I'm not a style blogger?  Have I ever posted a a photo of myself here?

Ladies and gents, the first sewing project I've completed in our new place.  This is a super simple top from Simplicity 2188.  No buttons, no zippers, and only 4 patterns pieces.  Easy peasy.  This would be a GREAT project for a beginning sewist.  I used a nice orange cotton blend (I think) from my fabric stash.  I ended up using the wrong side of the fabric.  The right side had a sort of a sheen to it, which is fine, but not really what I wanted for this top.

Pleating detail at the neckline.

Right before we moved, I did a major closet clean-out, and ended up seriously lacking in the shirts/tops/blouses department.  I actually made this to layer under jackets and cardigans, but I kind of like the way it looks on it's own as well.  Not exactly practical for a Chicago winter, but I'll trot it out solo come Spring and Summer.


  1. love this! You need to sell them on your etsy shop!

  2. Now that my semester of school is over, I need to pull out my sewing machine!! Love this top!

  3. Viktoria, I totally had you in mind when I started sewing this pattern! You could definitely sew this up in a snap.

  4. i am in love with this blouse! i am definitely making a note to look for that pattern the next time they go on sale. i made a blouse last month, but this one sounds easier!

  5. This shirt looks great! Sewing clothing scares me, but this shirt makes me want to just try it one afternoon and see if I can produce something wearable.
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hey Anna! Quick question... I was working on this shirt and I'm SO confused as to wear the neck piece goes... The part with the fusible interfacing. Any chance you can walk me through it? I can't even see it on your shirt!

    Also, I totally bombed on the pleats. I'd never tried them before. I should have looked at this post again before I started sewing... :)