Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Visit to Ohio

Can I just say how weird it feels to type that?  I'm still not used to living in a different state.

You may have noticed my disappearance after the final sew-along post.  I have a great reason!  My bestie, Sara (not to be confused to MaryAnn, who is another person in our bestie trio) was visiting our home town from Guam for a couple of weeks.  This is a pretty rare occurrence, so I headed back to Ohio for a few days.  

It was such a fun time!  The three of us have the type of friendship where we can just sort of pick up where we left off the last time we saw each other.  We shopped, ate a LOT of food, and got to see a dress rehearsal of the play MaryAnn is currently starring in (If you're in the Toledo, Ohio area next weekend, go and see Oregon Community Theatre's production of Sylvia!  It's super funny.  You won't be disappointed).  I also got to do some fun things with my mom.  Because I am terrible at remembering to take photos, the only one I got was of our meal at Mom's Diner, a beloved local restaurant in our hometown:
From left to right: a pizza sub, a small cheese pizza, and an ultimate grilled cheese sandwich.  You can see a single, lonely cheese breadstick in the background.  We split everything three ways.  Yes, that's a lot of cheese.  I purposely had a salad for dinner the night before in preparation :) 

It was a really wonderful and much needed visit back home.  It ended on a slightly sour note on the way back, when my car broke down 1 mile from our apartment here in Chicago.  In traffic!  Scary.  It seemed pretty terrible at the time, but could have been much worse.  My husband was in the car with me at that point (I'm still nervous about driving out of/into the city, so he took the train to Indiana to meet me and drive my car back in). I probably wouldn't have handled it nearly as well if I'd been alone.  The tow truck arrived quickly.  I was able to walk Dottie home since we were so close.  The repairs were all covered by my car's warranty.  All positives!

I was able to bring back a big bag of fabric from my parents' house (they're holding on to some of my stash for me until I figure out a better storage solution) and purchased a few new patterns, so expect more sewing posts soon!  And, if you try out my little sew along and like it, please let me know.  I'd love to do another one!

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