Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sewing, Mad Men Style

After a nearly year and a half absence, Mad Men has FINALLY made its return!  I couldn't be more excited.  It's so weird to think about how different my life was when the last episode of the previous season aired...anyway!  I thought I'd put together a little collection of Mad Men-esque patterns from my shop.

Doesn't this look just like something one of the secretaries at SCDP would wear?  The drawing in the middle even looks a bit like a lighter haired version of Pete Campbell's secretary, Clara.

This one has Betty Draper, er, I mean, Betty Frances written alllllll over it.  Maybe not for the series at its present time, but definitely in its earlier days.

Some Sally Draper style jammies.  How cute is the bunny pajama pillow?

This one was published a bit later (1968) than where the series is at now, but we've already gotten a taste of similar styles on the show.  The center dress is reminiscent of what Trudy Campbell wore to Don's surprise party, and doesn't the drawing on the far right look a little like Megan Draper?

These (and many other) patterns are all available to purchase for your sewing pleasure in my Etsy shop!

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