Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thrift Store Rescue and Repair: Green Goddess Dress

My Instragram friends got a sneak peek of this!

I'm not one to completely overhaul a garment and make it into something new. However, if I see something at the thrift store that needs a few minor repairs and changes, I might just buy it.  Such is the case with this dress:  
Dottie couldn't resist posing with me.  Just look at that winning smile!  This dress caught my eye while browsing around Family Thrift.  It was my color (green!), a shape I love to wear, and only a few dollars.  Sure, it had a couple of minor issues, but I knew I could take care of them.

A close up of the twisty shoulder details.  You can also see remnants of one of the 'issues' I mentioned.  The neckline had giant green oval gems stitched on along the edge.  They weren't really my style, and they were also far too heavy for the dress.  They actually caused a hole that was large enough to need stitching on the right side (can you see it?), along with little pin-sized holes everywhere else.  They're not super noticeable, and I'm hoping they'll diminish after the next wash.  

Another small hole that needed stitching.  I had thread on hand that matched the color of the fabric perfectly. All I had to do was satin stitch over the hole, and it was almost as good as new.

I have a sneaking suspicion that this may have been used as a swimsuit coverup, but I intend to wear it as a dress.  What have you rescued from the thrift store lately?


  1. I love the dress! The color is so pretty on you!! :)

    1. Thanks Viktoria! I couldn't resist the color.