Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Guest Post: These are a few of Sarah's favorite (Chicago) things!

Funny story...the day that Sarah sent me her guest post, we ran into each other randomly on the street!  Our very first meeting.  The strange thing?  We were both walking routes that we wouldn't normally take to where we were going.  It was meant to be!  Take it away, Sarah!

Hi! I'm Sarah of Zzouzi Vintage & Handmade and I also live in Chicago. Some of you may know that Anna moved here just a year ago and is moving back to Ohio pretty soon - city living isn't for everyone and it's tough but I've been here for 6 years and I can not be more happy! I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things about this great windy city.

Top 5 reasons I love Chicago:

1. Great Thrifting.

I am an avid thrifter and I have my own little vintage shop - Zzouzi Vintage - so thrifting is essential to my life! Thankfully, Chicago is an old city full of history and life which means its the thrifts and estate sales here are pretty great. As you can expect with a big city, it's pretty competitive, but if you go often enough you will find true gems!

2. The food

My goodness - the food. Antique Taco, M Henry, Ba Le...I could go on and on, but you'll never understand until you taste it!

3. The Festivals

Every neighborhood has a fest and they're all great (did I mention the food?). Live music, dancing, shopping. There's always something fun to do at them. Some of my favorites include: Jazz Fest, Chicago Pride Festival, Taste of Randolph, to name a few.

4. Summer

You will hear Chicagians say that summer in Chicago completely makes up for the harsh winters, and they would be right (well, almost). With beautiful weather, the lake front, festivals, museums, biking, all of the free activities you can do, summer is the best in the city.

5. The Markets

From Farmers markets to Antique markets to handmade shows the city isn't short of outdoor shopping centers. The summer there was a vintage market for 3 weekends out of the 4 in the month! That's a lot of shopping to get done! People travel from all over the US to sell at these so you'll be sure to find unique treasures as every single one of them!

It's an amazing city and I am discovering new things about it almost daily! If you've ever considered visiting I would definitely recommend summer or fall!  Let me know if you ever need a tour guide, haha!


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