Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's Simplicity 2593!

Yes, yes it is.
I didn't realize how popular this (sadly, out of print) Cynthia Rowley pattern was until I started sewing it up.  There are lots of other blog posts about it out there!  I find it helpful to read about other people's experiences with a pattern.  Maybe there's a mis-print.  Maybe they needed to make adjustments.  It's so good to know these things in advance.

It all came together easily enough.  I did end up taking it in a bit at the sides and up in the shoulders.  This is a pretty boxy design without a lot of shaping elements, so I chose a fabric with more drape in hopes that I wouldn't end up looking like a giant rectangle.

I had to make some adjustments to the twisty neckline bit.  That was probably the fussiest/hardest part to get just right.  Having a dress form really helped in this case.  Being able to pin the twisty bit onto the neckline and not having to wear the actual garment at the same time made things so much easier.

As usual, all materials used were from my never-ending stash.  The fabric, as far as I can tell, is some kind of cotton blend.  It's very drapey and soft.  The print is kind of Pucci-esque, and there are tiny embossed dots all over it.  Who knows where I got it!  The pattern originally called for hand made bias binding at the sleeves and neckline.  Normally I would do just that, but this fabric was so loosey-goosey.  I also happened to have a package of pre-made bias tape in a solid color that coordinated nicely.  So, I opted not to make the bindings by hand. 

I'm not sure if I'll get many (or any) more garments sewn up before our big move.  Right now we're showing our current apartment to prospective tenants, getting estimates from movers, trying to finalize everything at the new place, and packing.  Oh, and we set sail (er, airplane?  then sail?) for Alaska on Friday.  Busy busy! 

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  1. This top looks so good!! I wish I could sew as well as you!

    1. This top is actually even easier than Simplicity 2188! The binding might be a little tricky at first, but it's not bad once you get started. It can also be made without the twisty neck part. I liked the way it looked plain so much that I'll probably make another one!

  2. Don't you just love the "never ending stash"? I feel like mine is even more so since I never have time to sew!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!