Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nurse Dottie

I am under the weather today after a rough night of tummy troubles.  I don't think I am actually sick with the nasty flu that has been going around (thank goodness).  No, no.  My tummy troubles are probably of my own doing, which just makes me SO MAD at myself.  I'll just say this; don't overdo it on the Chia seeds, or you could find yourself in some serious intestinal distress.  Oof.

This dog, I love her so. She senses that I'm not feeling so hot, and has been absolutely glued to me all morning. Dottie firmly believes that her snuggles and puppy kisses have serious healing power.

Who am I kidding...they do have serious healing power! There's nothing like a warm, furry lump of dog to make you feel better. 


  1. Hi Anna! Saw that you were from Cleveland per your comment on another blog and had to say hi! I've been on the westside for 3 years now and love it! We're originally from Kansas City, but Cleveland has definitely grown on us! PS - Dottie is a doll. :)

    1. Aww, Dottie thanks you for the compliment. I've lived in a couple of different parts of Ohio, then spent a year in Chicago, finally landing in North Ridgeville. I'm really loving it here! My husband and I actually had lunch at 2 Bucks in Avon the day that we were looking for places to live here. I think our bill was something like $12 (including a beer for him and a root beer for me). Really good food, and such a welcome change after Chicago prices :)