Saturday, February 20, 2010

Holiday Gifts: REAVEALED!


Christmas is long over, but I must say I was pleased with my handmade gifts. A couple of ideas did have to be abandoned, but for the most part, things went as planned. I chose to make Made by Rae's wonderful Buttercup Bag for several people on my list. I had had great success with the free pattern, and decided to purchase the larger version (TOTALLY worth it. I can even make and sell them in my Etsy shop, because the pattern includes a license with purchase). I carefully selected the fabric, cut out all of the pieces, and turned my sewing room into a mini Buttercup Bag sweatshop. I wanted to be absolutely sure to finish in a timely manner, because several of the bags had to be sent off to far off and exotic places like Guam. And California. I started early, finished early, and gave myself a pat on the back for being so awesome. I wanted to ship everything right away, so I quickly snapped photos before packing it all up and heading to the post office.

Fast forward to January. "Hmmm," I thought, "it's about time I update the ole blog. Maybe I should get those photos off of the camera." I connected the camera to my apple-lappy, opened my glorious, fantastic holiday gift photos in Photoshop, and....the first one was blurry.

The second...also blurry.
Blurry...blurry...BLURRY....all of them. Every last one. Beyond recognition.

HOW did this happen? I really can't say. Well, maybe I can. I was in a rush, and my not so stellar photo taking skills became even less so because of my hurry. Next time, I will be sure to allow enough time to take decent photos. Lesson learned. Maybe.

I do have one gift to show. I made another set of place mats for my mom using this tutorial.

I accidentally cut the back piece of fabric too large, but ended up liking the larger border I ended up with. Here's a closer look at the fabric:

It's kind of a wacky print. I didn't know what I was going to do with it at first, but it ended up being perfect for this project. These place mats are perfect for showcasing large prints and one way designs. Super easy to make, too. All materials came from my fabric stash. I am thinking of sewing up some matching napkins to go with these for my mom's birthday.

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