Friday, February 19, 2010

New (old) patterns in the shop!

Hiya! Spring is in the air (sort of), and I've just added a few warm weather vintage patterns to my shop! Take a look:

Tennis anyone? I have always always loved tennis outfits. Unfortunately, I lack athletic ability, and have no reason to wear a tennis dress since I don't play. I also have a scar on my elbow from tripping and falling on the court in my high school gym class. Awesome.

Yeah, that lack of athletic ability? It also contributes to my lack of a bikini body. I've always been a one piece kind of girl. This sure is a cute pattern though!

I think this top would be so sweet on a little girl. Simple to make, too. I just happen to have 2 of these in my collection, so I thought I would give someone else a chance to own one.

I still plan on posting about my holiday gifts even though we're now most of the way through February. Let's just say there were some complications...

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