Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spring is in the Air!

Or, at least it was for a little bit. We had a few days of sun and well above freezing temperatures here, which was enough to cheer me up considerably!  Almost all of the ice and snow has melted.  One day, the weather here in Ohio was even better than where my brother lives in California!  Now that is a true rarity.

The nice weather inspired me to put together a collection of lovely spring dress patterns and list them in my shop.  Here is just a sampling:

 I love this one!  It makes me want to spread out a checkered tablecloth and have a picnic.  Just dreamy.

Jumping ahead to the 1960s!  These simple and stylish little shift dresses would be great for a beginning sewist.

 Isn't the back button detail on this one sweet?  It's very first-season Betty Draper.
I have lots more vintage spring and summer patterns that will be listed soon!


  1. glad you enjoyed our ONE day of nice weather! :) I can not believe what I am looking at outside right now! Those patterns are so adorable. Question: would you be interested in sewing dresses? (for $ of course) or do you know someone around who does? email me when you get some time this week.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion about the Sophia dress! You're right.. the Sophia IS flattering. The Sophia Long was my wedding dress! :)