Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dottie is 5!

My pupper girl turned 5 the other day, which seems impossible.  It feels like we just brought her home last week!

This was taken 2 days after she came to live with us.  That face!  C'mon!  Ridiculously cute. It was impossible for me not to scoop her up.

I was trying to get a good 5th birthday photo, but Dottie was so very excited about her present that she wouldn't stop moving and barking (notice the blurred tail and open mouth).

Enjoying her present.  We gave her a Squirrel Dude toy and some Old Mother Hubbard biscuits.  I think she likes them!

Taking a break, because being so adorable can be awfully tiresome.

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  1. how cute! happy birthday to your pooch! I can't believe we don't have any dogs. I grew up with 10 dogs at all times. Never thought I'd not own one. I think we'll get the boys a dog when they are all in school.