Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shop Local: Week 4

My final Shop Local post!  A few days late.  The weekend sort of got away from me, and then I spent last evening with Ed at a concert (The Decemberists!)  

So, what have I learned from these posts?  Most of my local purchases involve food.  This could be due to the fact that my little town seems to have a lot more local restaurants and such than it does traditional retail businesses.  I also really, really like food.  What else?  We definitely spend more than $50 per month at local businesses (check out the 3/50 Project to see what I'm talking about).  In the future, I hope to make even more purchases at local businesses.  Maybe even some that are not food related!

Broken Rocks Cafe - picked up takeout for lunch one day.  They've had some great summer specials lately!

The Faithful Little Cupcake - I like this business.  I want to see them stick around.  If my small cupcake addiction helps them out, then so be it.
Gallery in the Vault - A neat art and gift store located in a former bank.  Admittedly, I didn't buy anything on this visit, but I did see a couple of things that would make a great gift for my mom's birthday next month.  I plan to return.

Scales to Tails Seafood Shoppe - our local fish store.  I'd like to incorporate more fish into our diets, so I will probably be stopping here at least once a week.

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