Monday, August 8, 2011

There's a sale at Penney's!

(Anyone get that Airplane! reference?  No?  Nevermind.)

Actually, there's a sale on in my shop!  You see, I am very close to 100 sales.  In order to help me reach this milestone (and because I love my awesome customers!), I have decided to hack 20% off of every order until I reach 100.  The person who buys the 100th item will win a special prize (which is uh...yet to be determined.  It will be wonderful.  I hope.)!  Just enter the code AWESOMESAUCE at checkout, and receive 20% off!  It's just that simple.  Go forth and shop.

What's that?  You need some help deciding what to buy?  Well, I happen to be an expert shopper, and I'm here to help.

Is there a new baby in your life?  Want to tell the world about it?  Do it with these vintage lamb-tastic birth announcements:

Planning a coffee morning with your far-out best friend, but your mugs just aren't groovy enough?  These outta-sight flower mugs are just the ticket:
Just broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and need new hosiery?  Give these Bachelor Girl stockings a try:

They pair most excellently with this  lingerie pattern (ooh la la!):
 So, as you can clearly see, I have something for everyone.  Visit my shop to view the rest of my wares!

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