Monday, August 15, 2011

Homemade Olive Garden Breadsticks

YES.  I am on such a "homemade" kick this summer.  I've made coffee concentrate, homemade yogurt (I'm still tweaking the consistency, but once I've perfected it I'll write a blog post), and even a version of Boursin cheese.  The texture wasn't the same (Boursin is more crumbly, this was smoother), but man-o-man was it delicious on crackers.  When I stumbled upon a recipe for Olive Garden breadsticks on Pinterest (are any of you guys there?  Come find me, and we can follow one another!), I knew I had to give them a try. 

 unbaked breadsticks, ready to rise.
Now, I know there may be some of you that are thinking "Olive Garden!  Pshh.  That's not real Italian food.  How.  Dare.  You."  I am great lover of fine food.  When I go on vacation, my favorite part is trying new restaurants.  I have eaten in some pretty swanky joints, let me tell you.  Know what else I like to do?  Eat Olive Garden breadsticks.  You can't tell me they're not delicious, authentic Italian or not.
   aaand fresh from the oven!

I must say, they turned out very well.  The texture was pretty spot on, even if I shaped them to be a little thick (note to self: dough rises and expands.)  Next time I will follow Sandra's advice and cut back on the salt.  They turned out a little browner on top than I wanted them to, but they were still soft rather than crunchy.  Over all, I'd say this recipe is a definite keeper.  I've made OG salad dressing and stuffed mushrooms, have the recipe for their Mozzarella Fonduta (YUUMMM), and now, their famous breadsticks.  Those are pretty much my 4 favorite things on their menu.  I may never set food in an Olive Garden again.  Thank you, Sandra of Full Bellies, Happy Kids!


  1. Yum! I'll have to try!!

    PS- added you on Pinterest (I think... I'm a little new to the site.)

  2. SO glad you enjoyed them, and yeah the salt thing LOL I definitely had to cut back on them the next time I made them, it was a little too salty for my liking.

    Thank you for the link back to the blog, I really do appreciate it :)

  3. They really are delicious! The nearest Olive Garden for me is 45 minutes away, so knowing that I can make them at home makes me very happy.

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