Monday, February 20, 2012

Work in Progress: Simplicity 2029

This is one of the patterns I picked up on my trip to Ohio.  My mom needed some art supplies, so we hit up Hobby Lobby one day.  I don't always think of them for patterns, but lo and behold, they had Simplicity on sale for 99 cents!  The Sew Simple line of patterns isn't usually included in pattern sales at JoAnn's (I think their regular price is something like $2.49, so it's not like they break the bank), but it was part of Hobby Lobby's sale.  Good to know!  Here's how far I've gotten:

 Pretty far, actually.  I just need to sew the facings to the yoke and then hem the bottom.  I may take it in a little bit, too.  It's pretty blousy.  I kind of hate wearing regular tank tops in the summer.  I don't do spaghetti straps or super clingy.  Also, they can be sort of plain, and who wants to layer a second piece of clothing when it's a zillion degrees out?  If it works out well enough, I'm hoping that this top will be a good alternative for me.

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  1. another cute simplicty top! i'm hoping one of these days i'll be able to tackle that blouse you posted the sew along to!