Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's on my Sewing Table

Technically, I don't have a sewing table anymore.  I sew at a small desk with just enough room for my machine.  Really, this post should be titled "Sewing Projects I've Scattered Around My Apartment Wherever the Lighting is Best".

A few summer clothing items that need to be taken up a bit in the shoulders, including my new $15 Old Navy dress!  I am guessing that I will see it on a lot of other people when the weather is warmer, but I don't care.  It happens to meet my strict criteria for a casual summer dress (non-polyester, washable, and I can wear a normal bra with it).

Fabric for my One Yard Wonders submission.  This is just a sneak peek.  I want it to be a surprise, should my idea be chosen (people who want to submit project ideas, you have until April 15th!).

Fabric for some items I have cooked up for my Etsy shop, that is if I don't chicken out of listing them.  I haven't put anything handmade in my shop for a looooong time.  We'll see.

A pile of t-shirts to refashion.  I recently helped my husband go through is clothes and weed out the things he doesn't wear.  I have a pile of dress shirts to work with, too!  I've never done much in the way of refashioning clothing, as I grew up as a very by-the-book sewist (thank you, 4-H).  I've pinned a bunch of ideas on Pinterest, and have Natalie Chanin's Alabama Stitch Book on hold at the library.  I hope to gather some ideas from that.

What's on your sewing table?


  1. Hey Anna, it's Brooke!
    You might already visit this blog, but Refashion Co-op ( has a lot of great ideas for giving old clothes a new purpose.

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  3. Should have also mentioned !

  4. Oh, I hope I get a chance to sew while I'm on spring break this week!! I can't wait to see what you've submitted to the new book! :)