Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our Trip to TN

As told mostly through photos of Dottie.

Ed and I celebrated our 10th anniversary at the beginning of May.  In honor of this momentous occasion, we decided to take our first REAL VACATION (not a work trip that pretends to be a vacation) in about 5 years.  We booked a great little cabin in the Pigeon Forge, TN area for a whole week.  When I say cabin, I mean it had central AC, internet access, and a hot tub.  We weren't exactly roughin' it.  I became quite attached to our little home away from home, and wouldn't hesitate to take this type of trip again.  I love that Dottie could come along with us!

 Packin' up.  She's just making sure we don't forget the tennis balls and treats.

She claimed this bed for herself as soon as we got to the cabin.  Funny story; there was a pool table right next to the bed.  Dottie kept staring at it and whining, but we couldn't figure out why.  It turns out that she thought the billiard balls were tennis balls, and that they rightfully belonged to her.

 Our view from the porch.  There was a storm the night we arrived, and it was both awesome and scary to watch from here!

Another shot of Dottie, just chillin'.  She quickly made herself right at home.

Taken from one of our stops along the Cades Cove loop.  Majestic!

 The name of this place in Gatlinburg cracked me up.  So fancy!  I went inside, and they did, in fact, have tablecloths, as well as cloth napkins and napkin rings.

 Playing Yahtzee.  Dottie beat the pants off of us.

Aaaand home.  Going on vacation is exhausting!


  1. This makes me miss TN even more than I already do!! Pigeon Forge is fun and a GREAT place to people watch. I like to call it Redneck Disney World. :)

  2. looks great! Im so ready for a vacation!

  3. and... a happy anniversary to you both. 10 years is a big one (nowadays :)

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