Monday, June 11, 2012

Neighborhood Places

I realize that I've written very little about life in Chicago since moving here 8 months ago.  Truth be told, it's been a bit of a tough transition for this country mouse.  I'm doing my best, though!  I thought I would share a few of the places I frequent in my neighborhood in a series of posts.  Please excuse the quality of the photos.  Most of them will be quickly snapped on my phone while I'm out running errands. Western.  This is a Blue Line train to Forest Park (or O'Hare if you don't want to go downtown).  In the direction of travel, doors open on the Western.  

That's right, we live right on the Blue Line, and this is our closest stop.  Before the move, we had only dabbled in public transit while on vacation.  Now it's pretty much essential.  Finding your way around is pretty easy here, especially when you have a smartphone.  

Now, our little neighborhood hotdog stand!  I stumbled upon this place about a month after we moved, and have been going there ever since.  Their menu is limited, serving only hotdogs, polish dogs, fries, tamales, pizza puffs, and sodas, but it's also cheap and delicious  ($3.05 for a hotdog and fries!).  The people who work there are so nice, and they have my order memorized.

This is what $3 will get you.  A hotdog, slightly squished from being in my tote bag, and a mountain of fries.  Dottie approves.

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  1. Those fries look super tasty! Can't wait to try some when I come visit :)