Thursday, October 25, 2012

Keepin it Real: My sewing space is a mess.

Hi friends!

I showed you a few photos of some of the nicer looking parts of our new home.  Now it's time for one that doesn't look so nice:
 Clutter-rific.  My problem at the moment is lack of shelves to put things on.  Want to see where my sewing books live right now?

 I had all of them mixed in with our regular books on our giant bookshelf previously, but didn't really like that so much.  I'd rather have them close at hand.

I really feel that if my books had a home, it would get the ball rolling for me to figure out where everything else goes.  My original idea was to get another Expedit shelf from Ikea and use it sideways.  I just really liked the idea of a long, low shelf.  Preferably in white.  But, because we no longer live in Chicago, the closest Ikea is in Pittsburgh.  One of the trade-offs of moving to Ohio!  I looked into having one shipped, but shipping would cost much more than the shelf itself.

Plan B was 2 short shelves that I could put side by side.  I'm not really having much luck with that one either.  Everything is either very flimsy or way too expensive.  So!  The current plan C is to chuck out the idea of a long, low shelf, and go with a regular tall one.  I know we're going to move again eventually, and I know what a pain it can be to move big bookshelves.  For this reason, I'm thinking of a folding bookcase, like this one from Target, or this one from Amazon.  Do any of my readers have experience with this type of shelving?  Any opinion you can offer would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Hi Anna,
    It's Brooke B.! I used to have folding shelves like the ones you mentioned and used them through many moves. Mine were stackable which was nice because sometimes I needed tall shelves and sometimes I needed short ones! Besides that versatility, they're great because they fold down and transport easily. At one point I even had something rather large on one shelf and just folded up the shelf above it so that it would fit. I can't remember what I secured the folded shelf with though but it worked well.

    Good luck! I'm sure you'll come up with a great solution!

  2. Check your local craigslist - we got 3 bookshelves in great condition for less than the cost of one new. And you could paint it white or whatever color. You might even find the ikea one you're looking for or something similar - worth a shot

  3. My husband has a folding bookshelf that he's had since before we met! We've never had problems with it except that it's a little wobbly. We've hooked it to the wall to help that though. I can't wait to see what you've done with the place! Are you working in your new town??