Monday, October 15, 2012

Settling In: 2012 Edition

Well, we're back in the heart of it all!

I'm not gonna lie, this move did not go as smoothly as our last one.  I came down with a nasty cold just 3 days before we were set to leave.  Luckily my wonderful husband was able to work double time to get us packed and ready, while I sort of sneezed around napped.  Then there were the movers.  Oh dear.  The, er, highlights: they were 3 hours late picking our stuff up (with no phone call, I had to call 3 times to find out what was going on), 10 HOURS LATE dropping our stuff off, AND!  AND!!!  They showed up in a different truck than they had originally packed our belongings in with no explanation.  It was a rough couple of days.

But!  We're here now, and things are starting to come together.  I'm really enjoying our new home.  It sort of feels like we live in the country, but if you head 2 miles in pretty much any direction there are stores, restaurants, etc.  A few photos around the abode:

Our front door.  Everyone in our neighborhood has lots of fall decorations, so we added the pumpkins in order to look like participating members of society.

Our kitchen.  To me, it's one of the most important rooms in a home, so I pretty much busted my butt for a few days to get everything into place before doing anything else.  I love cooking in here!

Putting together a cozy reading corner.  This chair was a new purchase.  It's a recliner that doesn't look like one!

aaand a not so cozy corner.  Actually, this is mostly all we have left to unpack.  Not too bad!

Our girl has found her spot.  I think she's really happy here, which was so important to us.  We have a little yard for her, there are miles of lovely sidewalks, and even a walking path in a wooded area.  I think we're settling in nicely! 


  1. Welcome to your new home! It looks lovely!

  2. What a nightmare! I really hate moving. We always do it ourselves. We will be moving (somewhere) next summer and I swear that I sometimes think I should get pregnant just so I can't lift any of the boxes or furniture. Isn't that terrible?! I am loving that kitchen!!!

    1. Honestly, not terrible at all! We weighed all of our moving options before going to Chicago. Trying to move all of our stuff in a Uhaul, 2 cars, and 1 dog with no help wasn't going to work. Hiring someone to do it for us was expensive, but probably the best decision. The movers we ended up with this time around really made me realize how awesome and professional the movers we hired the first time really were!

  3. welcome to your new home!!!

    oh, and to answer your question- the giveaway is open to enter!

  4. i love your new house! it looks so cute. your front porch is awesome, and your kitchen looks so pretty!!
    i had to smile when i read your comment today on my blog about "Call the Midwife" - YOU were the one that introduced me to the show! (via twitter). so glad you did! isn't it awesome? :)

    1. Thanks! We're still renters, but I'm really loving life in a house. Not sure if I can go back to apartment living after this :)

      An article about Call the Midwife showed up on my Facebook feed one day, and knew I had a lot of friends who would enjoy it! I can't wait to get my hands on the books.

  5. Hey, Congrats on the new house! I'm your newest follower and I look forward to seeing you turn it into a home.
    Freya May