Monday, November 5, 2012

Thrift Finds

Hiya everyone!

After we moved, I decided to make it a goal NOT to fill this house up.  We have extra space, but that doesn't mean I need to go bonkers.  Still, I couldn't help but pick up a couple of things when I went to check out the thrift stores here.  Both are useful, honest!

 I found this vintage nightstand/end table at a local consignment shop.  A steal at $20!  We were looking for a small table to put just inside the front entrance of the house, but everything I found was too big, too tall, or not really our style.  This works perfectly.

It's so nice to have a place to put down our keys, mail, whatever happens to be in our hands when we enter the house and need to take our coats off. Like my raven in a witch hat? It's too cute to put away after Halloween.  I'll probably keep it out until Thanksgiving.

Second is this retro stoneware crock I picked up for $3.  This one was a tougher sell.  I really liked it, but wasn't sure what it could be used for.  I carried it around the store with me and thought about it (does anyone else do that?). Finally, I decided that it was coming home with me. Sure enough, I came up with a use.  What could be inside?

 Treats for Dottie! Normally her treats get shoved into a pantry or the laundry room.  This is a much cuter way to have her treats close at hand.  Now, when she hears the lid come off, she comes running (and yes, I had to give her a treat after I took this photo.  We can't have a pouty dog)!


  1. I add stuff to my shopping cart at Target all the time... and then right before I check out I do a check and return anything I reallllly don't need.

    I also completely understand trying not to "fill up" a new place! Our next place will be a rental house (since we're planning on starting a family in the future) (not buying because we will only be some place for 4 years for Miles' PhD)... and even though we haven't moved, I am finding myself wanting to buy for our next place... even though we don't really need anything! On the flip side of that, I'm also donating stuff away like crazy... If i don't want to move it, it's on a fast track for Goodwill!

  2. Nice! Good finds at the thrift are the BEST! I've been frequenting our local one a couple times a week... I'm hooked on thrift shopping!!