Friday, June 10, 2011

Etsy Finds Friday: Swimsuit Edition

Summer has been in full effect this week!  The high temp on Wednesday was 95.  Yeowch.  What better way to stay cool than to lounge by the pool?

I like the simplicity and color of this one, even though I don't usually show this much skin.  It also has a nice retro vibe going on, which, of course, I dig.

I love (love love!) old Jantzen ads!  I have a small collection of Seventeen magazines from the 1940s, and they're absolutely packed with them. 

I just had to have one in my favorite color.  And the piping!  Love.

What a cute, breezy little style.  Sort of like an early tankini.

This is pretty close to the suit I have now, only this print is much cuter!

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