Thursday, July 12, 2012

Things are Happening!

Big things!

- We're going on an Alaskan cruise!
This was something we hadn't originally planned when we discussed going on vacation this year.  We were actually on our trip to Tennessee when it came up.  Ed's grandma has always wanted to see Alaska, and decided that this would be the year!  His uncle agreed to go with her, and called us to see if we would be interested in tagging along.  We've never been on a cruise or to Alaska, so we said yes!  We depart on August 24th.

- I've decided to go back to school!
I have 5 semesters at a traditional university under my belt, but never completed a degree.  Life happens, ya know?  Anyway, I've wanted to go back for a long time, but it hasn't worked out for me thus far.  Working, moving, not having the money, etc.  There were always excuses.  What motivated me to do this now?  Searching for a job in Chicago.  Nearly every job listing says 'Bachelors degree preferred'.  I have several years of office management experience and still had trouble getting anyone to even look at my resume for that type of work.  So, I decided to look into online programs, and found one that I think is a good fit for me.  I am currently going through the application process, and if everything works out, hope to start in mid-September.
- We're moving (again)!
 Quite honestly, I have very little in the way of details on this one.  We could be moving within the city, or away from it.  We're just not sure.  Our lease is up on October 1st, and we have to give notice to our landlord 2 months prior.  More info to come!   

So, you see, I have a bunch of craziness coming up.  It seems like everything is happening back to back to back.  I realize that I've had very little in the way of sewing and crafty posts.  I have been working on projects, but they are either boring (hello, mending), or gifts (hello, not wanting to spoil the surprise).  I should have some more creative posts to share soon!


  1. Yay for so much exciting news!! I can't wait to ear about Alaska!! I bet you will have so much fun!! Good for you for going back to school! And yay for moving!!!!

  2. I am very excited about everything that's going on, but a little nervous for some of it, too. I'm sure I'll have lots of Alaska photos to share!

  3. Cruises are great! You have everything you could possibly need all right there and awesome food too. Congrats on school! When I was in HR we required a degree for every position, even in the mail room, our president said he wanted everyone to have the "follow thru" and that piece of paper saying they completed something. Good luck to you on that journey! Online classes are great!